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Dear distributors


    Be so kind as to fill out this FRE-PRO questionnaire and help us to map better the current situation at Eastern- and Central- European markets.


By my own (one man company)


How do you sell FRE-PRO? (sign one or more options)

       By my team of Sales Representatives


     By external distributors

How mane sellers or distributors for FRE-PRO do you have?

Do they work according to the distributors or representative sales plans?

Do you evaluate their sales results regularly?

In which regions of your country do you operate (with FRE-PRO)?

List the areas or big cities please:

Which group of the customers do you (or your distributors) sell FRE-PRO. 


List them please:

Company name

IV.Q. 2015




Write your suggestions, wishes, needs relating to FRE-PRO sales:


III.Q. 2015

II.Q. 2015

I.Q. 2015

Try to write your purchase prediction in each quarter of the next year:

Do you expect increase in the sales of FRE-PRO in the next year?



If yes : how many ( % )



If no : write the reason please 

Do you have the whole FRE-PRO range on offer?


If no, then write reason why

Do you (or your distributors) sell FRE-PRO to the international chains of hotels, supermarkets, petrol station, restaurants etc. ?



If yes, list the most interesting of them: